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No More Trach!!!!

Hello everyone, after 2yrs,10months,29 days...Alaya was DECANNULATED on 9/29/11.  She is doing GREAT.

Decannulation Is Near!!

Hello everyone, the time is so near I can hardly type this update, I'm so excited. My daughter Alaya will be 3yrs.

Alaya Update!

Hello TK family...It's been a while since my las post.  Alaya has finally had her tonsil and adenoids removed on April 15th,2011.  We have a visit with Pulmonary in July to determine if we should try decannulation.  I am soooo hoping that we can go forth and at the very least try.  The concern is due to Alaya undiagnosed muscle disorder, which by the way seems to only now exist


Hello all...

Alaya's Tonsillectomy

Hello all:

Alaya's off the Vent Completely

Hello everyone...I am excited to report that my daughter, Alaya is off the Vent completely as of 3/1/10.  We have an appointment with Pulmonary on April 20th to go forth with the decannulation process. There will be a hospital sleep study, and my daughter will have to have her tonsils removed prior to decannulation, because the Dr.

Alaya's On Her Way

Hello every one, Happy New Year.  It's been a while since my last post, but I wanted to share the good news regarding my daughter Alaya.  We visited her Pulmonary Dr. on January 13th and what great news...

Alaya's 1st Birhtday

Hi everyone...I am 1 year old as of September 9th.

Alaya Update

Hello everyone,

Alaya's Progress

Hi all, just wanted to give a little update on my daughter Alaya who is now 10 months old. Today is July 15 2009 and I am happy to report that Alaya's weening off the Vent is going great. She's off 8 hours daily, and we've started using the Thermovent about two weeks ago. Her Pulmonary Dr. suggested only 5 minutes on Thermovent, but I know my daughter. We started out as the Dr.

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